Bottomless Pit | Split In Two


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(free) 03:41


released December 17, 2013

Written by Joel P West
Drums by Darla Hawn
Guitars by Joel P West
Vocals by Dominic Bogart and Joel P West

Drums recorded by Patrick Norton
Mixed by Chris Hobson and Joel P West


all rights reserved



CANINES San Diego, California

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Track Name: Bottomless Pit
- - - For Kells XOXOXO - - -

I know that you’re happy
When the plotline and meaning are easy to understand

When the seams are sewn perfect
No questions, no loose ends, no restless, nervous hands

So explain and explain it
How it’s all for the best, no regrets, and we concur

But your sermons tend to forget
That you dug out all I had and you left me in the dirt

And it always starts with this shit about our hungry hearts
But I’ve only been thirsty, a bottomless pit since we’ve been apart

I know that you’re talking
With my gestures and my words
and from my point of view

And all of my records
And my restaurants and my bars and my friends and my parks are tarnished with you
And you still say that you hunger for the will to be yourself and nothing more
But I’ve only been thirsty
Track Name: Split In Two
I swear I’m gonna split in two
My mind is divided at its root

I am led by hunger and by lust
But shame always stops me when I want too much

And when it comes, it comes
When it comes, it comes

How can my mind be so convincing
When my own design’s against me?
Who put the conscience in my will?

Seems like the world is for the taking
If you can take the guilt

Cause when it’s gone, it’s gone
When it’s gone, it’s gone

But there’s a trigger in our veins
That tells us to die before we’d mar our names

And so I’m busy saving mine
While the days run to deliver me my time

And when it comes, it comes
when it comes, it comes
And when it comes, a thief or a saint it’s gonna take me